Books Online
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Step One: A PDF File is Required

You need a PDF file that contains your work in a 'book' format; typically this file will have a front cover, table of contents, and then the porfolio of articles you have written e.g. poems and/or short stories etc. or the chapters of your book.

If your book is in a different format e.g. a word document, then you can convert it via Free Word to PDF Converter

Step Two: Create the Images

Each Book consists of a number of images, where each image represents a page of your book. To create the images from your PDF file Click here and choose the option 'PDF to PNG'. This process will take a while but you can view the status as the file is uploaded and converted.

Once the process is completed click on the 'Download' option. This will prompt you to save a 'ZIP' file containing your images - save this file to a folder on your computer.

The images now need to be unzipped. If you do not have an unzip tool then we suggest you download and use Ken Ward's Zipper. This will enable you to save the individual images required in an appropriate folder.

Finally we suggest you resize the images so that they are not to large when they are uploaded and displayed; 600 pixels is an ideal width to use. If you do not have such a tool then we suggest you download and use Filezilla.

Step Three: Create Your Book Online

The first thing you need to do is register or log on, go to Home page to do so.

To build your Book Online you need to go to the Build page. Each Book needs a unique title, simply enter a 'New Title' for your book and click 'Create'.

Step Four: Upload Your Images

Select the appropriate images from your computer ten at a time and upload them. As you do so you will see the current images displayed in groups of four at a time. You can click on any image to enlarge it.

Plese note that images may take some time to upload.

As soon as you begin to upload images you will be able to view the Book Online you are building, but be patient because you need to complete Steps Five and Six below before the results become really meaningful.

Step Five: Build the Table of Content

When your Book Online is viewed you will see a 'Table of Content' bar to the left. When a visitor places their cursor over this bar it expands and displays the Table of Content. This can be set to display text or images (see Step Six below).

Step Five: Update the Settings

There are 4 general settings that you can edit once you select a Book Online to edit.

1) You can change the title of your Book Online;

2) You can elect to show the TOC in page number or alphabetical order;

3) You can select whether to show images or text when the TOC is displayed;

4) You can indicate the width in pixels to be used when images are displayed in the TOC.

Build your own Books Online or leave it to us.